Jet-setting penguins fly first class with Toll

Animal & Pet Transport

Whether you are moving an animal or your pet interstate or transporting a herd of sheep across continents, we have the expertise and capability to match your requirements.

Contact us and we can find a fleet solution to match your transport requirements.

Sending your pet by air

Depending on your location, we have the capability to transport your pet ensuring its journey is timely and efficient as possible. We can advise you on the types of cages you can transport your pet in and the conditions for transporting your animal, such as destination quarantine restrictions.

We can only accept pets sent by regulated International Air Transport Association (IATA) cargo agents. If you are not an IATA agent please contact us for assistance.

For details on sending your animals, restrictions, availability of services, contact us and we can help you ensure your pet’s journey is timely and secure.