We are safety obsessed

At Toll we believe everyone has the right to get home safe.

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We’re committed to deliver a culture that prevents incidents and injuries to promote genuine care for the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, customers, communities and the environment.

We are accountable to each other in supporting operational excellence, as well as caring for our wellbeing.

We continue to drive our safety obsession to enable healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible workplaces across Toll’s global operations. The way we see it, working towards workplaces free of incidents and injuries is a shared responsibility. Around the world, our people work in some of the most challenging, fast-moving environments.

Our safety obsessed strategy and culture

Right across Toll’s vast and impressive business, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management (HSEQ) is at the core of our operations and integrated into every aspect of the way we work. Our HSEQ Global Management System (GMS), is our united way of working across Toll’s entire operations.

Our Toll Reporting and Compliance (TRAC) system supports our ‘Safety Obsessed’ strategic priority, meeting Toll’s HSE reporting needs. The system provides anywhere, anytime, and multi-device access to incident, risk, and compliance functions for our people. This means Toll has one central platform for safety reporting, analytics, and insights, enabling us to better understand, manage and improve the health and safety of our people.

Safety Obsessed Leadership workshops, training and resources are available to all our people, empowering people across Toll; encouraging them to speak up, look out and actively care for themselves and each other.

We have established a Global HSE roadmap to outline our delivery commitments. Our Annual HSE Plans outline in detail what we will do, and when, to deliver the vision and to evaluate the success of our priorities and activities.

Recognising our safety obsessed leaders

Last year we recognised countless ‘Safety Heroes’; those among us who are Safety Obsessed leaders and are champions of leading, identifying, managing, and solving some of our greatest safety challenges.