Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Toll Group acknowledges the First Peoples, the Traditional Owners of the Lands in which we reside and operate, and we recognise their continuing connections to land, water and community.

As a company deeply rooted in Australia, fostering respectful and impactful engagement with Indigenous communities holds significant importance for us.

We firmly believe that collaborating with First Nations communities is essential to Australia’s journey towards reconciliation.

Our commitment to this work is underscored by the fact that our team members traverse the lands of various Traditional Owners in the course of their duties, providing us with the opportunity to positively contribute to these communities.

Documented in our latest Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), our narrative encapsulates the ongoing journey of reconciliation. Supported by our strategic focus on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, we aim to fortify our connections with Indigenous businesses, communities, and the recruitment, development and retention of First Nations workers.

In our new RAP we will focus on strengthening our relationships with Indigenous organisations and communities, increasing our procurement spend with Indigenous businesses, and recruiting and retaining First Nations workers.

Alan Beacham - Managing Director, Toll Group

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2023-2025

Toll’s commitment to Reconciliation in Australia

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Our vision for Reconciliation

Toll maintains a substantial presence spanning urban, regional, and remote Australia, understanding that the inherent nature of our operations positions us as integral contributors to the vision of a reconciled Australia. Each day, our team members traverse the territories of diverse Traditional Owners, impacting the lives of numerous First Nations people. Our aspiration for reconciliation envisions a harmonious landscape where the understanding and celebration of First Nation’s peoples, cultures, and histories stand side by side with the collective heritage of all Australians.

As a company with a presence both nationally and internationally, we embrace diversity and recognize the enriching impact of varied cultures on our workplace. This diversity is integral to Toll's enduring success. We are committed to fostering this inclusivity by cultivating a culture of education and understanding regarding the histories and stories of First Nation’s peoples.

Our objectives include:

  • Advancing our understanding of cultural diversity in the workplace by providing employees with resources to expand their awareness of the richness and diversity of First Nations cultures and histories, as well as other cultures within our organisation
  • Enhancing First Nations representation within Toll by fostering a culture of acceptance that encourages applications from First Nations individuals and provides support for our existing First Nations employees, ensuring a safe and supportive environment.
  • Strengthening partnerships with First Nations businesses through community and procurement opportunities, as exemplified by our collaboration with the Indigenous Defence Infrastructure Consortium.

Our artwork

Our new RAP artwork has been designed by Wiradjuri digital artist Kris Khamis.  Kris has been a driver at Toll for over six years.

Mawang – All together”


The Indigenous artwork breathes life into ancient tales, painted with wisdom of ancestors and the spirit of the land.  Its vibrant hues and intricate patterns carry the essence of Dreamtime, echoing stories of creation and connection.  As it journeyed along on (?) Toll Group’s trucks, modern-day carriers of culture, it became a modern storyteller, bridging cultures and highways, weaving unity through yarning circles at each stop.

The big and small circles, like guiding constellations in the night sky, represent the gatherings and communities that the artwork touched upon its journey.  They are the heartbeats of our land – coastal towns, desert oasis, and everything in between.   And as yarning circles formed, they were a celebration of unity – a coming together of voices, a melding of stories.  They spoke of shared experiences, common threads that make us all Australians, connected in a tapestry of history and identity.

Amidst the orange journey dots that mark the national highways, this artwork served as a beacon, illustrating the power of culture, movement, and connection.  As it reached diverse destinations, it not only symbolized the delivery of cargo, but the delivery of heritage and a shared understanding that makes us one, embodying the timeless rhythm of our nation.

Reconciliation Action Plan

In November 2023, our most recent Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) received the endorsement of Reconciliation Australia. Guided by our core RAP working group, composed of representatives from various business units, we are actively engaged in the implementation of our planned actions and deliverables over the next two years.

Our initial RAP, established in 2012, sought to recognize the integral role played by First Nation’s peoples and communities in our business, serving as suppliers, customers, employees, or everyday Australians.   While we have taken significant strides on the path to reconciliation since then, we acknowledge that the journey continues, and we remain committed to further progress.