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Privacy Policy

Effective: 1 January 2020


This policy sets out Toll’s position on Privacy.
Toll Holdings Limited and the Toll group of companies ("Toll") respects the privacy of every individual and is committed to protecting the personal data it collects in accordance with the principles set out in this Policy.


In accordance with the privacy laws of the countries in which Toll operates, this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines how Toll manages the collection, use, disclosure and handling of, or otherwise processes the personal data of its customers, the personnel of customers, receivers of cargo consigned to us or our services, visitors to Toll’s websites or premises, Toll’s employees and contractors, a contact at one of Toll’s suppliers or other business partners, and others with whom Toll deals with ("you") in accordance with these legal requirements.
Unless otherwise stated, Toll Holdings Limited is the data controller for personal data we collect from you or you provide to us.
The related Documents referred to at the end of this Policy also contain important information, and employees and contractors should also consider in particular the Privacy Notice for Personnel, and applicants for positions should consider in particular the Privacy Notice Recruitment.


Group Privacy Policy 2020

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