Finished Vehicle Logistics

Toll's Automotive Logistics services include a comprehensive suite of Finished Vehicle solutions for production vehicles, electric and alternative fuel vehicles, commercial and passenger vehicles, test and evaluation vehicles, luxury and high value vehicles, concept cars or competition and event vehicles.

Our range of services including supply chain design, international multi-modal transportation, customs and fiscal representation, storage and preparation of vehicles, distribution, and last mile delivery. Toll Automotive Logistics for production vehicles include services at plant origin or destination consumption locations, such as PPO (postproduction operations), PDI (pre delivery inspections), SoC (State of Charge), refurbishment and Direct or by-pass delivery to Dealers.

Our postproduction operations include the customization of vehicles such as fittings, decal, conversions, and quality control. We then ensure your vehicles are Transported safely, securely, and fully compliant within regulations. Our Transport services include via Air, Sea, truck, or rail depending on the journey and service timing.

We manage the storage of vehicles in dedicated areas, maintained in accordance with required standards, inclusive of bonded storage, also with EV charging stations where electric vehicles are managed. Our pre delivery inspection makes sure that your vehicles are delivered to dealers and customers immaculately. Toll ensures your vehicles are ready for sale of use the minute they arrive at your premises, dealer ship or customer. Our vehicle processing solutions are tailored to your specific needs.