Vehicle Transportation & Fleet Delivery

We’re vehicle transportation specialists. Alongside the fleet delivery services we provide to the automotive industry, we move vehicles door-to-door for all types of customers including car dealers, auction houses, professional removalists, private clients, car clubs and online purchases. We offer the following services:

Vehicle Transportation

We move everything from cars to motorcycles, jet skis, boats, classic cars and camper trailers.

Whether you need to move a fleet of classic cars to a club event, or you’re moving house and need your car, your boat and your jet ski delivered to your new home, talk to Toll - we’ll take care of the logistics. 

With our specialised transportation fleet and our transportation expertise, we’ll make sure your vehicle gets where it needs to go and with the utmost care.

We provide cost-effective vehicle transportation solutions to:

  • have cars delivered to a car dealership or auction house
  • relocate family vehicles as part of a house move
  • move a car for use on a holiday or short-term business relocation
  • transport classic cars for club members, for car club events
  • move racing cars, ensuring privacy and customised management
  • ship prestige vehicles to buyers, shows, exhibitions or for private inspection
  • deliver vehicles as part of a removalist service

Why use Toll?

Expertise - as vehicle transportation specialists, we’re highly experienced in moving all kinds of vehicles for both the automotive industry and private customers.

Exceptional relocation value - our scale of operations means we’re able to offer cost-effective services.

Choice - we offer a range of services for moving your vehicles, including premium and overnight services.

Peace of mind - we work hard to protect your vehicle at all times, offering a range of transporters designed to reflect our service options.

Our specialised vehicle transportation services include:

Prestige and classic car relocations - we provide a premium service for the transport of prestige, classic, vintage and sports racing vehicles. As part of this service we offer fully enclosed transporters to ensure the safe and secure movement of your pride and joy.

Discreet movement of vehicles - we can provide the discreet movement of vehicles for new car launches, ensuring your new model arrives at your launch venue in secrecy.

Fleet delivery - we provide end-to-end project management for the introduction, replacement and withdrawal of vehicle fleets for corporate and government organisations. We also offer vehicle parts logistics and finished vehicle logistics services to the automotive sector.

Where we operate

We offer vehicle transportation services in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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Fleet Delivery

Our global project management and automotive logistics expertise, combined with our multi-modal capability and the depth of our in-country distribution networks, enable us to provide efficient and cost-effective fleet handling services.

We can manage fleet introduction, replacement and withdrawal programs, ensuring a holistic approach to the management of your vehicle fleet. Our fleet delivery customers include manufacturers, rental car organisations, importers and exporters, dealers, government and corporate clients.

We can deliver any kind of vehicle including:

  • cars
  • motor bikes
  • heavy vehicles
  • light agricultural and light construction vehicles

As part of our fleet delivery service, we’ll centrally manage and report on key tasks including:

  • fitting or removing options
  • minor modifications
  • managing vehicle types by delivery point
  • recovery and management of returned vehicles


We can also provide a full range of customs services.

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Where we operate

We offer fleet delivery services anywhere within Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific region.