Parts Logistics

We provide manufacturers in the agricultural, construction, mining and automotive industries with expedient parts logistics solutions – optimising supply chain operations in both production and aftermarket environments.

Our end-to-end parts logistics services are designed to ensure the components required for the production and maintenance of your equipment are delivered where and when you need them, even when the timeframe is tight.

Whether you require inbound component logistics to support your manufacturing process, ad hoc deliveries of spare parts to your customers or a combination of services, we can manage the flow of parts throughout your supply chain.

Your production schedule – and that of your customers – could face costly delays if parts are required but cannot be made available quickly. A flexible, well-designed supply chain that leverages strategically located facilities and state-of-the-art technology can help to mitigate this risk.

We provide responsive services to efficiently deliver parts to where they are needed – we have a network of warehouses to meet your storage requirements, and a diverse road, rail, air and sea fleet capable of transporting components of almost any size, configuration and type.

Our parts logistics services

  • warehousing and warehouse management
  • international consolidation and deconsolidation centres for parts
  • order and vendor management
  • distribution including dedicated fleet, ad hoc deliveries, specialised parts delivery and courier delivery
  • intermodal transportation management
  • returns management
  • inbound component logistics for manufacturing, including Just In Time (JIT), scheduled and sequence deliveries
  • logistics network design and optimisation

In addition to our parts logistics services, we offer finished vehicle logistics and fleet delivery solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

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