Finished Vehicle Logistics

We provide the automotive sector with end-to-end delivery, distribution and supply chain solutions for all vehicle types.

As a leading provider of transport and integrated logistics services, we specialise in supporting the automotive sector with comprehensive finished vehicle logistics solutions that enable manufacturers and dealers to manage their supply chain more efficiently.

And our pre-delivery services ensure your vehicles are ready for sale as soon as they arrive at your premises. We also offer vehicle parts logistics services and fleet delivery services.

Our finished vehicle logistics services include:

Finished vehicle supply chain management

Our services include:

  • design and management of vehicle supply chains
  • inventory management
  • parts and accessory fulfilment services
  • compound management - we have facilities in all Australian mainland capital ports. All of our facilities comply with Australian Customs Bond License Requirements.

Pre-delivery services

Vehicle pre-delivery services are part of the cost effective end-to-end solution we offer our customers.

We’ll make sure your vehicles are ready for sale of use the minute they arrive at your premises or dealership. So if you need your vehicles modified to comply with local requirements, talk to us - we’ll customise a vehicle processing solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our vehicle pre-delivery services include:

  • pre-delivery inspections
  • paint and panel rectification facilities
  • detailing services, including showroom and event detailing
  • accessory fitment
  • vehicle storage
  • vehicle processing

Where we operate

We provide our vehicle pre-delivery services in New Zealand. We offer finished vehicle logistics services anywhere within Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.