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Camp Infrastructure & Services

We specialise in delivering camp infrastructure in emerging markets and remote locations.

Whether you need a permanent camp or a mobile one, in a remote location or a regional area, we’ll provide you with a complete camp infrastructure solution that is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. With 20 years’ experience in delivering camp logistics solutions, we create efficient camp designs that maximise productivity and reduce costs.

Our end-to-end camp infrastructure services include:

  • planning
  • design
  • construction
  • camp management
  • camp shut downs

Our highly experienced team will manage local council, town planning, indigenous communities and other statutory requirements, minimising delays. And we’re able to accelerate build times by leveraging Toll’s global network to ensure infrastructure and equipment arrives on time, regardless of location.

We provide camp infrastructure solutions for:

  • Permanent camps suitable for long term or permanent projects. We can build, own and operate these camps.
  • Temporary camps to support 50 to 200 people, suitable for 1- 6 month projects. These are all above ground, with less onerous council requirements.
  • Mobile camps for short-term projects supporting up to 100 people. Our mobile camps are self-sufficient and can be deployed and made operational within a matter of hours.

We also provide full camp services

Our comprehensive range of camp services allows you to focus on the success of your core operations while we take care of the rest.

Our experience in delivering remote logistics solutions, backed by our global logistics and procurement networks, enables us to deliver camp services in regional and remote locations. 

It doesn’t matter what you need or where you need it - talk to us and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Our camp services include:

Food Catering

We understand the important role that good food plays in ensuring your workforce remains happy and productive. Complying with HACCP Food Safety accreditation (ISO 22000) ensures all our meals are prepared and served cleanly and safely regardless of location.

Our end-to-end food services include:

  • professional menu planners who create menus offering a balanced diet and enough choice to satisfy all tastes and cultural requirements
  • highly experienced chefs
  • well-established supply chains and local contacts to ensure your workforce receives the freshest, high quality food
Remote Supply Chain Management

We’re able to link remote locations into Toll’s global network of air, sea, road and rail freight services. We also have a global procurement network that brings together local suppliers and local knowledge to provide high-quality, cost-effective procurement solutions for our customers. We build flexibility into our supply chains to ensure they can adapt quickly to changing conditions, situations and requirements, allowing us to overcome challenges that would break most supply chains.

In combination with our warehousing and asset management systems, we create supply chains that offer complete visibility from source to destination. Based on real-time data, this allows stock levels to be optimised and rapid reaction to changes in requirement.

Warehousing & Asset Management

Our worldwide experience in and knowledge of remote locations means we can create a warehousing and asset management solution tailored to your needs, regardless of location.

We can provide you with a fully managed solution, or we can source facilities for you to buy or lease. And if we can’t source a warehouse where you need one, we can build one for you.

Our warehouse management solutions incorporate state-of-the art asset management tools that allow constant visibility of inventory and stock movement. This means you can monitor movement on every stage from despatch to remote site.

Fleet Management

We can ensure your vehicles are always well maintained and ready for action, regardless of where they are. We’re experienced in providing fleet management services in remote and challenging locations, from the deserts of Central Africa to remote Pacific islands.  

Our expertise includes management and maintenance of:

  • light vehicles
  • heavy vehicles
  • 4WD
  • articulated vehicles
  • plant and track vehicles

Our systems and processes ensure high standards are consistently delivered. We also provide training and supervision of local personnel to ensure high levels of vehicle availability and dependability.

Waste, Recycling & Environmental Management

We will work with you to create a tailor-made environmental and waste management solution that is customised to the location and situation of your operation.

We’ve developed safe and effective environmental management solutions for customers in locations from outback Australia to the South Pacific and Southeast Asia to Central Africa. These include sewerage treatment plants, airborne pest control programs and segregated waste management.

Our solution will address not only the primary impact on your operation, but also potential secondary impacts on the environment and local community.

Medical & Health Services

The most important part of your operation is your people. We provide a full range of services to care for their medical and healthcare needs to keep them healthy, fit and productive.

Our health services include:

  • full surgical capability and facilities
  • mobile units for outpatient clinics, low-risk day surgery and dental procedures
  • intensive care beds
  • radiography
  • pathology
  • pharmaceutical
  • environmental health services
  • domestic and international aeromedical evacuation
  • medical staff who are all fully accredited to Australian standards
  • aero-medical evacuations via helicopter or plane

Whether you require comprehensive health services or a stand-alone component, we will tailor a solution to meet the specific needs of your operations, wherever they are.

Additional Camp Services
  • housekeeping, cleaning and laundry
  • site maintenance, gardening and pest control
  • security services
  • aviation services including helicopter services, airport management and charter services
  • quarantine cleaning
  • gyms

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