Marine Engineering

As specialists in marine logistics across the Asia Pacific region, we’re experts at engineering, maintaining and repairing our own extensive fleet of vessels.

We’ve engineered our own fleet of customised vessels to meet the unique logistics needs of our customers, from self-discharging barges with sophisticated built-in conveyor systems to floating cranes to support transhipment activities.

We also offer our marine engineering services to customers – we can draw on our in-house capabilities to conceptualise, design and build customised vessels that meet your specialised requirements. 

And by leveraging our relationships with vendors and shipyards, we’re able to deliver our marine engineering solutions cost-effectively and efficiently.

Our marine engineering services include:

  • ship docking, repair and maintenance
  • conceptualisation, design and building of customised vessels

So talk to us about your marine engineering needs, and we’ll tell you how we can help. We also offer a broad range of our own vessels for charter.

Where we operate

We offer marine engineering services across Asia Pacific.