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Airport Management

Toll is able to tailor an airport management solution to suit the size and requirements of your airport – regardless of its location.

Ensuring the operation of an airport is safe, compliant and well managed is vital to the success of any airport regardless of its location.

It is imperative that all aspects of an airport are run as efficiently and safely as possible - whether for passengers, airlines or freight organisations. Toll understands the vital link that airport operations provide in transportation and supply chains. Airport operations must not only deliver operational continuity; but also manage community relations, comply with government oversight and regulation and provide the operational flexibility needed by resource sector customers during rapid expansion phases.

We offer a complete range of airport services to provide our customers with the simplicity of a single point of contact and accountability:

  • production of compliance assurance manuals
  • day-to-day airport management and compliance assurance
  • aviation security including passenger and baggage screening
  • aircraft, baggage & passenger ground handling
  • air terminal services including check-in & passenger services
  • airport and facility maintenance
  • fuel storage facility establishment and operation
  • into-plane fuel delivery
  • lease & contract management
  • asset management
  • capital works project management
  • works safety officers
Passenger & Baggage Security Screening

Toll is an approved Screening Authority and ASIC issuing authority and delivers comprehensive airport security services to a range of customers across Australia.

Our airport screening services can include:

  • Provision of trained and qualified security screening personnel to man the passenger screening points and to conduct 100% x-ray screening, physical search of baggage and passengers, checked bag screening using EDS capable X-ray equipment, passenger metal detector, Explosive Trace Detection, and hand baggage x-ray screening.
  • Establishing and maintaining sterile areas and security inspecting all passenger contact areas of an airport terminal.
  • Management of screening lines so as to enhance passenger experience and smooth passenger flows, particularly during busy periods, while maintaining compliance with required screening duties.
  • Management of the security screening function including maintenance of standards, rostering, internal audit, and engagement with OTS during routine audits.
  • Maintenance of screening standards through detailed programs of continuation training, systems testing, mentoring, formal training and development programs and involvement in local off-site training programs for other security training organisations.
  • Delivery of training for new security screening staff and continuance training as required by changing regulations and good practice.
  • Supervisory staff in accordance with the requirements of the Transport Security Plan for the operation and for management of customer service standards.
Airport Compliance Services

Toll can provide a complete range of regulatory compliance documentation as part of its airport management services. These include:

  • aerodrome manuals
  • safety management systems
  • emergency response plans
  • transport security plans
  • environment management plans
  • facility management plans
  • airport master plan
  • capital works plans
  • asset management plans including maintenance projections and schedule forecasting

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