Toll ground crew at airport

Airport Ground Handling

Our specially trained staff will manage safe and efficient ground handling for your airline.

We offer fully customised ground handling at all major Australian international airports for any aircraft type - passenger or cargo. We can also provide you with a full suite of passenger services and cargo handling services. Our ramp services are used by full service airlines, low cost airlines, charter operators and cargo-only airlines.

We also provide stand-alone groundling handling services in locations around the world that lack facilities or infrastructure.

So whatever the scale or type of your operation, talk to us about your ground handling needs.  

Our ground handling and ramp services include:

Aircraft loading and unloading
Safe and efficient ramp policies and procedures are at the heart of our ramp operations. We use precision timing schedules to ensure all aspects of our ramp services are completed on time and according to plan. And every member of our ground handling workforce is highly trained and well versed in safety procedures.
Load control

Our load controllers are fully licensed in both automated loadsheet production and manual operations for a wide range of aircraft including A380, A340, A330, B747 (passenger and freight aircraft), B777 and B737.

As part of our load control service, we:

  • ensure our load controllers remain up to date with their licensing
  • guarantee roster coverage throughout our network
  • produce loadsheets using your Departure Control System
  • provide ground to air radio communications
  • arrange for meteorological documentation and aeronautical information
  • deliver documents to aircraft
Aircraft pushback and towing
We have a dedicated team of aircraft pushback drivers who are responsible to provide safe and on-time aircraft ground movement in consultation with airport operations and airline staff. In coordination with our operations department, customer airlines and airport tower operations control, your aircraft will be moved in accordance with precision timing schedules.
Baggage handling

Our baggage handling team is specifically trained to provide secure, safe and accurate services for our customer airlines and their passengers.

Utilising the AAA baggage handling system at all of our airports, our baggage handling team ensures that bags are loaded, unloaded and transferred as per your requirements.

Our baggage handling services include:

  • baggage delivery
  • mobility device handling (onload and offload)
  • offload baggage
  • loading baggage according to prescribed priority requirements
  • transfer baggage handling
Cabin cleaning
We provide cabin cleaning service for international and domestic customer airlines. We’ll ensure that your aircraft cabins and cleaned and restocked to your requirements. Our cleaning is undertaken according to your timing schedule, to ensure your aircraft is ready for boarding on time. Our cabin cleaning services are available at Perth Airport.
Freighter ground handling

We roster specialist staff to ensure that all freighter operations are handled safely, efficiently and reliably. We look after tech-stop flights and load and unload operations for a variety of aircraft ranging from B737-F, B777-F, B747-F through to IL-76 and AN124 aircraft.

Our freighter ground handling services include:

  • onload and offload
  • main deck Unit Load Device (ULD) capability
  • cargo handling services
  • transport and distribution options
  • loadsheet provision
Ground handling services in remote and regional locations
As specialists in providing remote logistic services, we’re able to provide stand-alone ground handling solutions in locations that lack facilities or infrastructure.

Where we operate

We offer comprehensive ground handling services at all Australian capital city airports. Our cabin cleaning services are available at Perth Airport.

As part of our specialised remote logistics services, we provide stand-alone ground handling solutions in locations around the world that lack facilities or infrastructure.