Data warehouse

Data Warehousing

We can provide you with access to your web-based documents, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

We can scan and house a database of all your captured images, such as completed forms and survey results.  Once scanned, your document images are available to you through our simple, password protected, web-based application.

Our data warehousing service allows you to:

  • manage, track and control access to your database through user privileges
  • consolidate all images, photos, logos and the finished product in one place
  • access your database 24/7
  • manage version control of forms and documents
  • manage expiry dates and asset usage rights
  • reduce access and reproduction costs for all users

To help your business search for your documents online in your database, we provide local workflow routing and unlimited indexing fields. You can search using a combination of drop-down categories and text fields.

Where we operate

We offer our data warehousing services to customers across Australia.


Data Warehousing

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