Secure Digital Mailroomds

Secure Digital Mailroom

Organisations are increasingly embracing e-communications across a range of channels, including the digitisation of incoming traditional mail.

The key challenge for many organisations is the ability to access digitised mail in a secure environment, across various applications and devices. This challenge is magnified as organisations move to activity-based working environments.

By digitising the incoming mail process, Secure Digital Mailroom provides end-to-end data protection to your appropriate departments, work queues or individuals. Digital mail can then be securely viewed and retrieved, ensuring only the intended recipients can access and edit information.

Digital Mailroom benefits

  • provides end-to-end data protection without compromising access to critical business mail
  • increased mail control and visibility
  • reduced paper costs
  • detailed audits and reports
  • reduced decision cycle through faster access to incoming mail
  • flexible, secure access across desktop and mobile devices
  • role-based security policies

Why use Toll’s Secure Digital Mailroom?

  • We offer a scalable solution which can be rolled out for specific internal departments or across an entire organisation.
  • We use the latest high speed production scanners resulting in high quality images.
  • Our cloud based digital mailbox solution is powered by Egress, the world leader in encryption platforms.
  • Cost effectiveness – independence from the constraints of paper allows users to process transactions anywhere.
  • We have imaging centres in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.
  • You’re covered by Toll’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.


We design our pricing options to match your organisation and requirements, so if you require an enterprise solution, simply contact us to have a representative guide you through your options.


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