SDX Data Sheets

For a full run down on each component of our data encryption services, download the requisite datasheet for product information.

Secure Digital Exchange - A Broad Encryption Services Platform PDF 129.3 KB- comprehensive information on the complete SDX data encryption service suite.

Secure Digital Exchange - Email Discovery PDF 237.8 KB- silently monitor all inbound and outbound email.

Secure Digital Exchange - Email Document Classifier PDF 133.2 KB- identify and mark data with appropriate calssification to improve your organisation's ability to control data flow and prevent data loss.

Secure Digital Exchange - Google Apps PDF 179.8 KB- integrate Secure Email and Secure Managed File Transfer into any Google Apps environment.

Secure Digital Exchange - Office 365 PDF 179.7 KB- integrate Secure Email and File Transfer in any Office 365 environment.

Secure Digital Exchange - Secure Digital Mailroom PDF 150.4 KB- end-to-end data protection for critical business mail

Secure Digital Exchange - Secure Email PDF 148.3 KB- stay in control of shared information at all times.

Secure Digital Exchange - Secure File Transfer PDF 123.9 KB- transfer large volumes of encrypted data from one network to another while maintaining visibility over your data through detailed auditing and reporting.

Secure Digital Exchange - Secure Web Form PDF 139.9 KB- a single point of contact to share or receive sensitive information with specific users and teams within an organisation.

Secure Digital Exchange - Secure Workspace PDF 153 KB- secure collaboration and online editing within a protected environment.