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Toll’s new medical shipper is lifting the lid on medical and pharmaceutical transport


Toll’s medical shipper is a cost-effective, validated, and sustainable delivery solution for any company who delivers direct to customers, such as patient at home, hospitals, pharmacies and clinicians, but doesn’t want to burden their customer with an environmental waste problem.

At Toll we’re intent on finding environmental and sustainable solutions that align with our social responsibility commitments.

Traditionally medical shipments have been delivered in single use polystyrene and polyurethane containers. Australia produces approximately 45,000 tonnes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) each year, with 40% being for single use packaging. Of this amount, only 27% of EPS is recycled*. Polyurethane is unable to be recycled.

In an age where customers and communities are expecting more this is not a sustainable solution.

To help solve this dilemma, Toll provides its customers with a reverse logistics program which enables shippers to be re-inspected and re-used, relieving end user customers of the problem with disposal of the medical shippers which typically go to land fill. Our customers are assured that on-time delivery and quality integrity remain our core competencies.

For more information please refer to: Toll medical shipper information sheet July 2021

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