Mining and Support Services

Mining and Support Services

Our Mining experts are well-versed with the industry and understand the requirements for conducting on-site and support services. The following are the broad range of service provisions:


Mine Site Services

Toll Mining offer a broad range of services to support mining, exploration, drilling and construction projects including:

  • Handling of bulk / hazardous materials and molten metal
  • On/off road haulage for high payload tasks (up to 400t)
  • Load shifting
  • Stockpile and pit management
  • Slag management
  • Acid plant and feed preparation
  • Smelter support
  • Emergency response services
  • Train loading
  • Facilities management
  • Remote intermediary distribution services
  • Accredited pilot services to accompany oversize and over-mass loads including obtaining required approvals and permits


Civil Construction and Earthmoving

To meet the on-site earthmoving, construction and maintenance requirements of our customers we provide a range of services including:

  • Construction and maintenance of haul roads, drill pads and dams
  • Construction of concrete pads, raised bores, walls, plinths, pedestals, and culverts
  • General civil works (cleaning, water blasting, de-silting drainage channels)
  • Logistics support for earthmoving and civil projects.


Toll Mining have the equipment and expertise to demolish and decommission redundant and contaminated infrastructure, wreckages, plant and equipment.

Our project teams can manage every stage of the process, taking care of material disposal, site remediation and any required civil works with minimal disruptions to site operations. All projects are conducted under a full risk assessment and comprehensive auditing process.


Waste Management

Toll Mining operate a licenced landfill and resource recovery depot (AS/NZS ISO 14001 certified). Our experienced team of waste management professionals are available for;

  • Site clean-up projects (surface and underground sites)
  • Rubbish removal and disposal
  • Recycle materials (batteries, oil & grease, timber, ferrous/ non-ferrous materials, redundant machinery)


Environmental and Site Remediation

To minimise the environmental impact of mining and exploration projects, we offer a range of innovative solutions for site rehabilitation including:

  • De-silting of dams, evaporation ponds and tailings dams
  • Erosion control
  • Spill clean-up for hazardous goods (fuel, chemicals)
  • Bio-remediation for contaminated sites
  • Logistics services to transport materials for disposal