Our Commitment to Road Transport Safety and Compliance

As the Asia-Pacific region’s largest provider of transport and logistics, we take road safety very seriously. We believe that all injuries are preventable, and everyone has the right to go home safely. We aim to model safe and courteous behaviour on our road network at all times.

To ensure the safety of our workers and other road users, we are investing in a new fleet with the latest safety technology. We ensure our people are appropriately licenced, knowledgeable about road rules, fit for duty, and skilled at loading and manoeuvring complex machinery.

Safety on our roads is everyone’s priority (no matter where you are in the world) and we believe it should always be front of mind.

Investment in fleet

Our focus is on safety efficiency with a $1.6b investment in fleet and equipment. New linehaul vehicles are fitted with telematics to enable 24-hour centralised monitoring. We’re also fitting vehicle cameras to capture events on the road to assist with incident analysis.

Some of the key features we invest in to help our drivers and community stay safe include:

  • latest EBS braking technology
  • Driver state sensing technology to detect potential impairment by fatigue and distraction
  • side underrun protection
  • side guard assist
  • seat belt and park brake alarms
  • lane assist departure warnings
  • active cruise control

The importance of Chain of Responsibility

Toll understands that Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is a fundamental part of looking after the safety of our workers, road users, and all the people who work alongside us every day.

We manage CoR in a number of different ways, both internally and externally. This includes

  • comprehensive policies and standards to manage fatigue, speed, mass, dimension and load restraint
  • drug and alcohol testing consistent with Australian Standards
  • performance metrics that take account of safety as well as efficiency
  • incident investigation and risk mitigation
  • pre-qualification, auditing and coaching and upskilling of our subcontractor fleet
  • safety conversations with customers, subcontractors, and other relevant stakeholders
  • customer education
  • offering bespoke face-to-face and online CoR training to team members and subcontractors
  • active participation in policy debates as well as seminars and conferences

Consistent with our commitment to ensuring everyone goes home safely, we have developed a guide that is designed to inform Toll’s customers and clients about the importance of CoR.

The guide explains:

  • how chain of responsibility works
  • why chain of responsibility is important
  • what the addition of the “safety duties” to the Australian law in 2018 means for Toll’s clients and customers
  • how Toll fulfils its obligations and provides assurance to its supply chain partners

The Guide to Chain of Responsibility for Customers is now publicly available for download below. Please note, these documents are for information purposes only, and are not to be reproduced without Toll’s express permission.