Lead Logistics Services

At Toll, we are the leaders in integrated and customised Lead Logistics services and solutions. We manage all aspects of the supply chain from assessing and designing to building and running integrated supply chain solutions, allowing our customers to focus their core business.

As prime contractor, Toll maintains a single contact point with our clients as we manage and control all activities within the supply chain network.

We utilise our holistic end-to-end capabilities and can develop specialist and tailored services focused on the end-user experience.

We manage a large network of suppliers, contracts, supplier vetting, performance management and onboarding and as such can offer our customer efficiencies in supplier management, contract management, transport, and delivery.

Our established 4PL capability and experience with customised online platforms, means we develop an ecosystem that fully integrates suppliers and customers, and is able to navigate complex supply chain scenarios successfully at scale and at pace.

With our supply chain expertise, network support and technological backing we are well placed to provide your integrated lead logistics solutions.

So why choose Toll?

  • A true commitment to partnering
  • Established 4PL capability and a genuine 4PL platform
  • Reduce your risk, complexity, and cost
  • Deliver accountability at speed and at scale
  • Provide customised solutions and platforms
  • Experts in end-to-end supply chain management and effective supply chain reform

Our services

Toll Relocations and Removals Management Services

For more than 70 years, Toll has been delivering relocation and management services to Commonwealth, state and territory governments and corporate organisations. With a presence in all capital cities and major regional locations in Australia, together with an extensive global network, Toll offers end-to-end relocation management services within Australia and internationally.

We are the experts in comprehensive end-to-end relocation management services and specialise in moving people, families, and households skilfully, sensitively, and efficiently.

Toll takes a highly consultative and tailored approach to managing client relationships and is supported by industry-leading technology and expertise in the areas of account management, procurement, IT, supplier management and quality assurance.

We understand that every relocation is unique, so we listen carefully to your requirements and offer flexible and tailored solutions for every situation. Whatever your relocation needs, we have the expertise, the experience, and the logistics networks to provide you with professional advice and support.

Toll’s Relocation Management Services are designed to help support people through each stage of their relocation process with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency so settlement into the new destination is smooth and as effective as possible.

With over 120 independent removal providers, Toll maximises Australian industry participation across the entire supply chain. All panel providers are given equal opportunity to quote and win work based on eligibility to perform the services, proven track record and best value for money.

For more information or any enquiries on our relocation management services, please contact us at our Toll Transitions call centre on:

Toll Free: 1800 819 167 SMS: 0488 855 796 · Email: [email protected]

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4PL advances the sourcing of logistics from Third Party Logistics (3PL) to 4PL.

Toll’s 4PL model provides significant benefits to our customers such as continuity of supply, governance, and control. This is achieved through a data-driven daily management system, maximising automation across ordering to reduce human error, risk mitigation through a dedicated team and a centralised customer service to resolve supply issues

We provide a clear and flexible vision of reform and through our agile, flexible sourcing platform we can use data to drive out cost from your supply chain. With our expertise and an understanding of the nuances of the customer, 4PL and the desired outcome, we will implement a strategy developed flexibly and collaboratively.

We harness smart, simple, and safe technologies, providing full transparency of data converted into reports and insights whilst providing efficiency recognition by understanding user buying habits.

We are also skilled and experienced in rapid and emergency sourcing, as well as major strategic sourcing projects. Importantly, we can access and integrate the best technologies (maximising automation where possible), organisational capabilities and talent in the market.

Our fully integrated end-to-end solution incorporates through life sustainment, 4PL supply chain management and customer experience into one contract.

For more information on our 4PL capability contact us at [email protected]

Case Study: Australian Defence Force | 4PL Services

Our highly efficient logistics and procurement capabilities are effectively demonstrated by the Commodity Reform Program (CRP), involving the procurement and delivery of more than forty-thousand product lines required by Defence.

When Defence sought a partner for their Commodity Reform Program (CRP), Toll leveraged its strong 4PL capabilities and industry collaboration to create the STOCCMANS system, specifically for Defence’s needs.

The key objective of CRP was to harness smart-buying principles from multiple suppliers across Australia to reduce costs and significantly improve the procurement, delivery, and management of Defence commodities.

Toll combined capability, experience, and resources to effectively deliver on Defence requirements, creating a bespoke 4PL ordering system dubbed ‘the Amazon of Defence’ due to the breadth and functionality of its procurement and logistical capabilities.

By simplifying the end-to-end creation, optimisation and management of the commodity supply chain, Toll has reduced complexity and administration burden of procurement activities to enable Defence to focus on core operational activities.

As leaders in integrated and customised Lead Logistics services, we manage all aspects of the supply chain including the utilisation of some the most innovative, progressive, agile, and beneficial information management tools in the industry.

As prime contractor, Toll manages and controls all activities within the supply chain network whilst incorporating the right tool for the right task. Utilising our holistic end-to-end capabilities, we can develop specialist and tailored services focused on the end-user experience.

At Toll we always recommend and implement the platform that best meets the requirements and delivers the optimum outcome for our clients.

Some of the platforms currently within our services are:

MoveMaestro is a proprietary Toll global relocation management platform that provides us with the capability to manage global relocation services holistically. The MoveMaestro platform, which is Australian Government IRAP security certified, comprises integrated portals to service client, customer, supplier and operational requirements.

Assignment Pro

Toll uses specialised corporate relocation software Assignment Pro to enhance its real estate management and global corporate destination services offering.

Assignment Pro’s strength in the global mobility industry is its specialised client experience portals and content, as well as its relocation milestone dashboard tracking.


Stoccmans is a simple web portal that allows users to access purchasing, bespoke reporting and dashboards, as well as service requests from one page. Stoccmans possesses automated workflows to improve efficiency and reduce delivery timeframes.

Toll chose Stoccmans as the “best-of-breed" system to manage the end-to-end supply chain on selected projects - from sourcing, to procurement and through to transport - to assist in resolving delivery challenges.

Stoccmans has been primarily designed with an enhanced end user experience in mind, combined with rigorous governance business rules to enable centrally managed budgets, approvals, and product specifications.

At Toll we consider our ability to consult, inform and collaborate with our clients as a key pillar to our approach to partnerships and the successful outcomes we deliver.

Our experience and knowledge in Government and Defence industry means our customers trust us to give first class, professional and expert advice.

We help our clients by providing consultancy services in a range of areas, including relocations and removal management and movement control.

Relocations Management

Within our Relocations and Removals Management portfolio, we complete relocation human resource policy benchmark comparisons upon request from both clients and prospects, by reviewing key areas of marketplace practices and relocation policy comparisons.

At Toll we offer comparisons from our own portfolio and knowledge of client policies as well as industry documents and marketplace groups. This is further supported by our experience with international inbound policies and membership and active participation in industry groups. This allows us to show clients if they are competitive in their relocation offering.

Benchmarking at Toll is viewed as crucial to help clients to attract and retain key talent and ensure that they are providing market-relevant relocation support and consideration for the welfare of their staff.

We also offer consultation and expertise in cultural training. The need for cultural training typically arises from clients who encounter international expats who are struggling to settle into and be effective in their role or adapt to a new lifestyle.

Toll acts a consultant in assessing these situations and making recommendations to clients on programmes for cultural integration and support. This often results in retention of a key personnel who clients have likely made considerable investment in relocating and want to retain.

We also have experience in consulting with Australian companies to prepare the integration of their workforce from another country through providing group integration and work sessions.

Movement Control

At Toll we have provided movement control specialist consulting services to the United Nations. During this time our dedicated movement control teams have been deployed throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East to support the Troop Contributing Countries and the operational mission.

Since 2004, Toll has delivered the United Nations over 10,000 days on task. During the period of the current United Nations movement control contract, there have been an average of 8 deployments per year. Under the MOVCON (Movement Control) consultancy agreement, Toll has been engaged to ensure full compliance and readiness in all respects of entire deploying unit.