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In countries like Singapore where space can be hard to come by, our customers count on us to think outside the box to fulfil their storage needs with innovative solutions.

The Challenge

With a land area of 718 square kilometres supporting a population of nearly 5.5 million, Singapore is known for being a land-scarce country.

As the operator of a 32-hectare offshore petroleum services supply base in Loyang, Toll supports more than 130 companies within the oil and gas industry by providing storage for critical equipment and supplies at our facility.

But when our customer – an oil and gas supplier – requested a storage solution for 24,300-tonne reels of cable, the 7,000 square metres of required space could not be accommodated at our storage yard.

We needed to devise an alternative solution to temporarily store the reels in close proximity to our customer’s base until they were needed.

The Solution

Using our extensive experience providing offshore logistics support, the Toll team came up with a creative solution – one that did not rely on finding space on land, but rather made the most of space available at sea.

Two barges capable of supporting the combined weight of the reels – totalling more than 7,200 tonnes – were sourced and used at a floating storage area.

Each reel was carefully loaded onto the barges using a crane, and secured in place.

The floating barges were moored close to our customer’s base, allowing the cabling to be accessed easily throughout the project as required.

The Results

By approaching a challenging request with creative problem solving, we were able to provide an innovative storage solution for our customer’s oversized cargo.

The reels were stored and maintained for five months as our customer’s project progressed, and were transported to the project site as required.

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