Quay Quarter Tower, Sydney



Throughout the shipping and delivery of structural steel for the project, Toll’s Projects team has provided exceptional service. Toll consistently met our stringent safety requirements and provided us with the level of service we expect from a tier 1 logistics company. Ultimately, the project was delivered professionally, and I look forward to working with Toll again.

Richard Sprague

Construction Manager (NSW/VIC) Samaras Structural Engineers

The Challenge

Our team was entrusted with the end-to-end logistics of structural steel for the construction of Quay Quarter Tower (QQT) in Sydney. The project included the transportation of 5500 tonnes of steel from China to Sydney, temporary storage while awaiting delivery (staging), and sequencing of steel before delivery – all to be completed in 18 months. Not only did our team have to move a huge quantity of steel, but they also had to do it following a strict delivery sequence. Any deviations from the delivery sequence would cause a stoppage in the steel installation work in the building

The Solution

Our experts prepared a comprehensive plan and completed the project methodology, allowing us to “pick” steel according to the needed sequence. We placed an expert in the factory in China to ensure all cargo was shipped in sequence and any possibility for errors was picked up before the cargo left the factory. The project team moved 5500 tonnes of steel, involving:

  • 41 shipments
  • 400 forty-foot containers
  • 3 breakbulk charters
  • 1319 truck movements

The Result

The QQT project was completed as planned, and the building has since been awarded:

  • Best Use of Steel Award at the Master Builders Association of NSW Awards 2022
  • World Building of the Year Award at the World Architecture Festival 2022
  • International High-Rise Award 2022/23