Transportation Solutions

At Toll, we offer our customers in North America a number of Transportation solutions to ensure your goods are distributed in the smartest, most cost-effective way possible.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a dedicated transport fleet or drayage solution, that’s seamless, cost-effective and reliable - from purchase order placement through to the pick, pack and delivery of your product to its intended destination.

Our services include:

Drayage Services 

We provide our customers with dedicated drayage services that includes import and export container wharf cartage and quarantine-accredited services.

Our drayage services are designed to all requirements above and beyond the moving of containers, including but not limited to: import / Export container cartage – whether you have 1 or 10,000 containers, side-loader deliveries – containers delivered on ground, Mass Managed Vehicles for loads that are a little heavier than normal e.g. steel products, Super B-Double Trailers (4 x 20’ or 2 x 40’ containers at a time) servicing the wharf 24 hours, Container Packing and Unpacking facilities and more.


Linehaul Services 

We offer seamless, cost-effective, reliable distribution services to our customers in the USA. Our distribution services can be provided as part of a fully integrated supply chain solution or as a standalone service, using shared or dedicated fleets and facilities.



With state-of-the-art distribution facilities strategically located around the world, we work with our customers to develop efficient transload solutions to streamline supply chain operations.

Whether you need to transfer goods quickly between different transport modes, efficiently separate and sort materials intended for different destinations, or combine goods from different origins into a single shipment for distribution – we offer cross docking services to help streamline your supply chain.

Through cross docking distribution, products destined for a similar (or the same) end point can be consolidated into one shipment and transported as a full load, reducing overall distribution costs and reducing environmental impact.

We provide three main types of Transload services:

  • Deconsolidation
  • Hub and spoke
  • Consolidation


Dedicated transport service

Our dedicated transport service teams work closely with you to assess your operations and balance factors that impact your operating costs and service requirements.

We will help you develop a logistics management plan that can include consolidation and optimisation of your fleet and route options.

We also offer an agile service, which means we can adapt to your needs as they evolve and refine your solution to match your requirements.

  • Our dedicated transport services include;
  • fleet design and innovation
  • fleet provisioning
  • driver recruitment and management
  • operations management

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