Automotive Logistics Hub

About Toll Automotive Logistics Division (ALD) hub  

The automotive hub is strategically located in 17 Tuas Avenue 9 to provide a seamless, end-to-end suite of services for vehicle storage and auto spares solution. The Type III Motor Vehicle licensed warehouse is rated as the Customs ‘Premium’ banding and hence, able to store both non-duty paid and duty paid vehicles. The 6-storey sheltered licensed warehouse provides our customers with long periods of storage while ensuring their vehicles remain in good condition with daily inventory tracking and close monitoring.  

ALD offer the best-in-class facility management solution to support your growing automotive operations including:

  • Importation services - application of import permits, port clearance, vehicle inspection at port 

  • Transportation from port to warehouse and customer sites  

  • Bonded and duty-paid vehicle storage with pre-delivery inspection 

  • Inventory management system allows real-time tracking of vehicles to maximise transportation efficiency 


Building overview, safety and security


Side Elevation Plan (South)

Facilities overview 

  • Privately owned 6-storey building with a total of 320,000 sq ft of warehouse and office space 

  • Capacity to store up to approximately 200 vehicles per level 

  • Purpose-built facility for storage and handling of vehicles with 2 car lifts 

  • Dedicated vehicle preparation centre 

Perimeter Safeguards 

  • Warehouse perimeter incorporates solid concrete

  • Single entry point reinforced with manually controlled vehicle barriers 

  • Single access to the car cargo lift operated only by security access card 

  • Access doors with full locking functionality, monitored by onsite security teams and directly linked to the external security provider 

Intrusion Detection System 

  • High-resolution video surveillance cameras 

  • Complete CCTV system with full footage recording features 

  • Access to the warehouse is restricted to selected employees by zones for all team members 

  • Real time video capture                                       

Fire Protection Technology 

  • Full alarm system supported with fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, and fire extinguisher units 

  • Fire Command Centre (FCC) is manned 24/7 by our own onsite security and the Singapore Civil Defense Force 

  • Periodic audits and inspections for all systems 

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