Super B-Double

The only Super B-Double Operator in Singapore 

The Super B-double is currently used extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and Canada and is recognised as one of the most productive and safest vehicle types in operation. 

We operate an extensive fleet of B-doubles throughout Australia and utilises the vehicle type for linehaul and local operations in numerous transport applications including container port operations, bulk liquids distribution, express freight, and general transport. 

The safety, economic and environmental benefits of the Super B-double have been proven in operations PSA inter-gateway haulage and we look to bring the benefits for you into Singapore.  

Features of Super B-Double 


At Toll, we constantly look to improve our services to provide a safe, trustworthy, cost and time efficient supply chain solutions to you. Super B-double has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly as seen below: 

  • An estimated 25% reduction in haulage cost per container (excluding fuel) 

  • An estimated 23% reduction in cost (including fuel) 

  • A 50% reduction in the number of drivers required to undertake the same workload 

  • An estimated 18% reduction in fuel use to undertake the same workload 

  • Reduced emissions due to the reduction in fuel use and the installation of Euro 5 specification engines 

  • Improved safety: Super B-Double would be equipped with enhanced safety features including, ABS brakes, auto shift gearbox, road speed limiter, gearbox retarder, air suspension with onboard load sensors, on-board vehicle computer management system 

  • Other benefits include reduced trips between ports, fewer vehicles manoeuvring beneath container cranes and reduced management and administration requirements

Goals in the foreseeable future 


Being the pioneer of the Super B-Doubles in Singapore, Toll has helped to reduce carbon footprint and increased efficiency without compromising on safety. With the above-mentioned benefits, Toll aims to continue with the development and road trials to push forward the use of Super B-Double on Singapore roads and hope to achieve the following in the future: 

  • Car-light industry 

  • Green city 

  • Confirmation on the safety of the use of the SBD on the routes in Singapore 

  • Cost savings 

  • Reduced reliance of manpower in the transportation industry 

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