Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions 

The core competency for Toll is designing, engineering and implementing one stop, integrated supply chain solutions. We are experts in designing and implementing customised end-to-end supply chain solutions for customers around the world, solutions that are responsive to changing needs and environments. 

We provide industry focus solutions for vast and diverse range of customers from Retail & Consumer, FMCG, Automotive, Energy and Marine, Healthcare, Industrial and eCommerce.  

Supply Chain Consulting, Design and Engineering

The solutions consulting and advisory aim to achieve the most optimal design to meet your service and cost requirements. Our solutions design team collaboratively work together with our clients, understand their business objectives and turning their supply chain into competitive advantage with real value creation. The area of expertise for the team include  

  • Network Design & Optimization 

  • Warehouse & Material Flow Design  

  • Transport Route Planning & Optimization 

  • Process Design & Line Balancing 

  • Supply Chain Planning & Orchestration 

Optimisation and Obtaining Right Solution for your Supply Chain

Strategic enablement 

  • Our expert help clients better comprehend the total impact and supporting lines towards business 

  • Understand all players in your supply chain and their value contribution 

  • End-to-end supply chain planning 

Cost to serve considerations 
  • Understand the real cost of doing business and position your products in the right competitive sphere 

  • Balancing your service commitments and competitiveness

Optimised for purpose 
  • We apply a robust methodology that achieves real supply chain transformation which is practical, and outcome focused 

  • Designs that suit your needs and investment outlook  

Inventory Solutions 

Toll’s ICS software optimizes inventory risks which include forecast risk, supply risk, and order risk. The benefits include inventory reductions and availability improvements.  

  • Computes optimised inventory levels 

  • Balances stocks across locations 

  • Demand forecasting 

  • Performance monitoring of suppliers 

  • Simulations and modelling  

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