Specialised Feeder Services

Linking customers to the region.

Singapore to Kalimantan  

We offer a monthly sailing from Singapore to Kalimantan, providing seamless connectivity and specialised in the mining sector for both locations. The Specialised Feeder services provide a solution that is convenient and cost-efficiently to serve remote mining sites. The specialised feeder services operate from Jurong Port Singapore and Port of Tanjong Bara in Kalimantan.  

We own a dedicated heavy-load cargo barge – Albert Toll, measuring 97 x 18 m with cargo capacities of 6791 DWT and 344 TEU. Our specialized transport fleet include prime movers, lorries, and trailers.

Singapore to West Papua via Surabaya  

We offer a twice-monthly sailing from Singapore to West Papua via Surabaya through our partnership with commercial vessel. The specialised feeder services operate from Jurong Port Singapore and Port of Amamapare in West Papua.

If you are looking for fully integrated specialised feeder service and distribution solution between Singapore to Kalimantan, Surabaya, and West Papua, feel free to contact us. 


Charter services 

  • Servicing and provide cargo shipment 

  • Covering remote mining sites in Kalimantan and West Papua 

Specialised project cargo 

  • Domestic barging, Oil & Gas heavy lifts 

  • Transportation of vessel hull and ship-side transfer for trans-shipment 

Customs management 

  • Customs brokerage, permit declaration, duty and tariff consultation 

Procurement and consolidation 

  • Provide procurement and consolidation of supplies for the mining sector 

Our feeder services are complemented by Toll’s Global Freight Forwarding Services and Batam Feeder Services to ensure your transport solution is fully optimised.


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