Felix Lee, Business and Continuous Improvement Analyst

“The opportunities ahead are what really excite me. With new ships, new terminals - there’s a lot going on. It’s great to be a part of the Tasmania shipping business. It’s pivotal to Tasmania’s economy.”

Toll was my first job out of University after studying Science and Engineering. I’m originally from Malaysia and moved to Melbourne, Australia to study and decided to settle here for better opportunities.

My entry into Toll was through the graduate program and while I applied to a lot of programs, it was great to get this one as working in the supply chain area was a good fit for my qualifications and it’s a diverse and secure area. No matter how much the world changes, supply chain is very much the backbone of the world’s economy. Being in the graduate program exposed me to a lot of areas but I was drawn to Toll Tasmania (shipping) due to how highly it’s regarded at Toll and the future it has. In Tasmania, Toll is the largest freight forwarder in the state and handles around half of everything that passes through from the mainland and back.

It was a very exiting first three months knowing that two newly built ships will be arriving from China and terminals will be upgraded in the coming months. Those three months then extended to 15 months and I stayed on, focused on the shipping business rather than rotating across multiples sites, to develop in depth understanding of the business. I see myself as very fortunate as managers in my area of interest saw the passion I had and gave me lots of learning opportunities. Even as one of the youngest team members, I look back and marvel at all the training I received, the projects I participated in and the importance of some of them.

I won my recognition award for being the project manager for rolling out the operation of a new significant contract. The operation involved moving large volume of containers a week through multi-modal operation from Tasmania to Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney. It was a team effort and a lot of work right up to the end, but we all supported each other. Credit to the whole team for making this possible.

My manager presented me the award during our weekly meeting with the customer - I was surprised and felt very honoured to receive the award. This recognition gives me the morale boost and confidence to take on bigger roles and embrace further progression. It made me excited about what’s going to happen next, but I can see plenty of great prospects on the horizon.

“To be recognised with an award, you are made to feel special. When my manager presented it, my customer was also there which was a great surprise. That day meant a lot.”