Ajay Gopal, Graduate

“I studied Engineering and what I loved most at Toll was the problem-solving aspects and seeing the different parts of a global business – big and small.”

After finishing my Mechanical Engineering degree, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I looked at many graduate programs, and what stood out to me was Toll’s variety. Variety in the work that you do (across operations, HR, Finance etc.), but also in the sectors and verticals Toll operates across. Additionally, the environment is fast paced, which is something I wanted to be a part of.

When I joined Toll’s graduate program, I was able to learn about all the businesses Toll is involved in – big and small. The magnitude and scale of these businesses was quite surprising - from specialisations in healthcare and shipping across the bass strait, to emergency service helicopters in NSW.  You also realise just how global this business really is – something I was able to experience first-hand during a rotation at ‘Toll City’ in Singapore.

So how does the graduate program work? Everyone’s experience is different, but we all do rotations where we learn about the different aspects of the business. For me, having four rotations through different parts of the business in the first year, and two in the second, really helped broaden my understanding of Toll. Throughout all my rotations, the people I worked with and mentors I had were really open and welcoming. Everything was always explained patiently, and I was never made to feel like I was asking a dumb question.

Going through the different rotations in the graduate program allowed me to see how all parts of the business come together, and how strategy is formed and executed, which really accelerated my learning. Coming from an engineering background, I especially enjoyed the problem solving, optimisation, and business improvement aspects of my rotations. I was also excited by the growth opportunities available as a business, especially in the emerging markets within Asia – it’s something I definitely want to be a part of.

I’ve always been internationally minded, so Toll is a good fit. Many of my formative years were spent living across Asia and attending international schools. While I still call Melbourne home, that experience has driven a desire to work overseas and interact with people from different cultures. Toll has given me that opportunity, and I’m now excited to be working in Japan.

So what’s next for me? I’m currently working with some of our biggest customers, primarily in the automotive industry, with improving operations, enhancing technology within their networks, and helping them achieve their goals. As someone who loves motorsport it’s great to be involved with an area you’re already very passionate about.

“In the grad program I always felt encouraged to share ideas. They’d say – you might be new to this, but we value your fresh perspective.”