Nick Chow

Nicholas Chow - Q & A

What do you like about working at Toll?

Working at Toll means really getting our hands dirty and diving into the deep end from day one. The managers here are really supportive of the learning that you get as a Toll Graduate and try to give more practical and hands-on learning whenever possible. I also like that you get a strong support system and cross-border learning from fellow Toll Graduates around the world.

How have you connected your university degree to your role at Toll?

In my degree, I specialized in supply chain and operations. It was interesting to take a deeper dive into logistics and forwarding, two integrated parts which make up part of our customers’ supply chains. Being in an operational role, I also got to look at the practical side of things and try to understand why certain processes were done as they were and tie them back to operation-management concepts I’ve learned back in university.

What has been the biggest learning curve /challenge for you so far?

One of the biggest learning curves would be the massive amounts of industry jargon and best practices that I have to familiarize myself with. Because Toll exposes Graduates to operations in both logistics and forwarding, expect to absorb and gain a lot of information while balancing substantial amounts of hands-on practical learning.