Q & A with Toll Group Graduates

Toll's Global Graduate Program offers candidates an opportunity to take the next step in their careers. They learn the business from the ground up and are given the experiences they need to succeed in a fast paced environment like the logistics industry. 

Read stories from our graduate about their experience with our graduate program.


Alysha Ali

Being selected to take part in an international rotation at Toll City in Singapore was an incredible opportunity for me to gain exposure to our business on a global scale. I was also able to use this opportunity for personal growth by gaining new skills, knowledge and understanding of Toll’s international operations through the Singapore placement.

Melanie Abdeen

What I enjoy most about working at Toll is how truly different each day can be. In just a few months I have been exposed to different challenges, teams and projects and I have loved every moment of it. More than anything I enjoy the fact that the Toll graduate program is so flexible in the way that it is structured.

Nadiah Sukarni

In my first rotation, I was tasked to concentrate on global export. I liaise with the customer and the freight team daily, ensuring that the containers are shipped out to the correct destination. From booking the right amount of containers, to confirming that Dangerous Goods are declared, the whole process needs to be done meticulously.

Nicholas Chow

Working at Toll means really getting our hands dirty and diving into the deep end from day one. The managers here are really supportive of the learning that you get as a Toll Graduate and try to give more practical and hands-on learning whenever possible. I also like that you get a strong support system and cross-border learning from fellow Toll Graduates around the world.

Shivagni Mishra

The best thing about working at Toll is getting exposure to different business units (BUs) through numerous rotations during the 2-year program and subsequently, developing a holistic understanding of the business. These rotations expose us to an array of work and the opportunity to build a strong foundation in the logistic industry.