Tran Kieu

Tran Kieu - the most memorable and exciting experience

My first few months at Toll has brought me lots of opportunities and experiences inside as well as outside of Vietnam. I have been able to go around Toll warehouses and offices outside of Vietnam and have been overwhelmed by the size of them and how things work. I have also been very lucky to work with as well as be trained by one of the most talented and friendliest team at Toll in my first rotation in Vietnam.

In Vietnam I have performed the tasks of an Export and Import Executive, handling the shipments export from and or import to Vietnam. Specially, both positions are all at the peak time of the year so there are many things to learn from operations, specifically; required documentation and processes. This experience helped me enhance my abilities to solve problems and increased my understanding of satisfying customers.

The most unforgettable experience I’ve had to date was my first business trip for a Toll project at a remote warehouse, very far from my city, in a support position. This role allowed me to learn and gain as much knowledge and experience as I wanted; performing as a translator and a Data Transport Executive.

Being a translator helped me to understand instantly and catch up quickly on the situation as well as understand and foresee potential issues that may occur - while being a Data and Transport Executive allowed me to gain knowledge about processes; the movement of freight as well as daily operations.

Many people said that every new day in that warehouse was a new challenge. From my first-hand experience I can say it’s completely true - the roles I performed daily required me to get a deep understanding about Toll and the customer’s system; requiring teamwork, spirit and my problem-solving skills to fix problems at hand and or that could occur.

Facing head on all the tough challenges and finding ways to overcome obstacles gave me a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of joy once solutions were found. Following on, these resolutions would be studied and evaluated to make operations continuously improve - so that these experiences would become skills to train back to beginners.

By the end of my trip, I grew and developed knowledge in logistics as well as built relationships with others. I feel more confident, can step out of my comfort zone and can dare to make things that people believe impossible to become possible. I strongly believe that the more challenges you have the more mature and confident you will be!

Toll has provided me experiences that I could never have had at university; opportunities to grow and develop. All my involvements to date at Toll have encouraged me to try new things, learn more and strive to make continuous improvements.