8 Tips for good mental health

Good mental health is more than just the absence of mental illness. Here are 8 tips for building good mental health.

1. Relationships and friendships

Invest your time and energy in building and enjoying relationships with family, friends, workmates and others in the community.

2. Stay healthy

Good physical health is related to better mental health so a healthy diet, sensible exercise, avoiding excess alcohol or drugs, getting a good night's sleep, and regular check-ups with the doctor can all help.

3. Develop gratitude

Count your blessings. Develop a habit of listing the positive things in your life.

4. Identify and use your strengths

Focus on what you are good at and what you enjoy doing.

5. Create flow

Allow time each week to lose yourself in hobbies, creative arts or sports.

6. Give to others

Take some time to do the things you really enjoy and that are helpful to others

7. Spirituality or religion

For some people, being involved in spiritual or religious practices can improve wellbeing, help in coping with stress and reduce symptoms of mental illness. This can include mindfulness or practices such as yoga and Tai Chi, or belonging to a faith community, meditation, prayer.

8. Seek help

If you are struggling to feel happy, cope with everyday life, find meaning or feel connected to others, see your doctor or a mental health professional.

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