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Supporting Qenos' national supply chain


Toll trucks at a depot

Plastic packaging for food needs rigorous quality management processes to ensure peace of mind and confidence; that’s why Australia’s largest manufacturer of polyethylene trusts us to manage their supply chain.

The Challenge

Qenos is Australia’s largest manufacturer of polyethylene and plastic polymers; every day it provides more than a thousand tonnes of polyethylene for plastics businesses around the country.

Industries – including mining and energy, agriculture, building and construction, water conservation, food and beverage – use Qenos’ raw polyethylene to manufacture their products.

In order to support its national supply chain, Qenos requires a strong logistics network and a dedicated team with a solid understanding of its diverse requirements.

As Qenos’ logistics partner, Toll was charged with devising and implementing an integrated solution to support the safe transport and storage of bulk load polyethylene across the national network.

The Solution

Toll began by designing and building two state of the art purpose-built distribution centres in Melbourne and Sydney, before establishing additional storage facilities in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

A specialised delivery fleet was designed and provided to Qenos, comprising bulk discharge trailers and purpose-built containers with steel floors.

Today, the fleet is used solely for the storage and delivery of Qenos polyethylene; a process designed by Toll to eliminate the risk of tainting which can occur when making deliveries using containers from the global pool.

Polyethylene used to make food packaging requires additional care to ensure its quality and purity. To prevent possible contamination, we line each container with a heavy duty liner before it is loaded, and replace the liner before it is refilled.

Sensitive to site and neighbourhood needs, all vehicles in the Qenos fleet have specialised acoustics enclosures that minimise noise made by transfer blowers during product unloading.

Each trailer is also fitted with an inline cooler to prevent product degradation, which is particularly helpful for deliveries being made during the hot Australian summer.

Toll uses specialised technology in our dedicated Qenos polyethylene storage facilities around the country to check inventories and coordinate shipments.

By electronically interfacing with the Qenos ordering process system, our staff can track orders as they are submitted, making the fulfilment process quicker and easier.

The Results

Using our broad network of site locations, we are able to ensure the timely supply of Qenos deliveries to plastics businesses all over the country.

Our loading and distribution techniques, specialised fleet, digital order tracking system and highly experienced staff work together to consistently protect the quality of each bulk shipment of polyethylene.

Toll has been working Qenos for more than 25 years; having a comprehensive understanding of its business needs allows us to provide them with invaluable support at all stages of the supply chain.

For more about Toll and Qenos partnership, click to watch the video below.