Zero Accidents means having a safe and consistent supply chain in Huangpu, Guangzhou, China

At the root of it all, an operation that is safe can mean less risk of operational downtime and product damage for our customers, so that products get to consumers quickly and in good quality, every time.

On December 25, Colgate-Palmolive China recognised our team’s efforts with the 2020 safety award for maintaining zero safety incidents in the past year. Toll China’s Huangpu Guangzhou RDC team received the award from Canson Zhao, director of the Huangpu plant of Colgate and shared our safety roadmap as we entered 2021.   

There is nothing more motivating than the recognition of customers! With the guidance from the site leadership, we have delivered quality service standards and 100% customer satisfaction. We will keep looking for ways to improve our safety processes so that we can continue to provide a consistent operation to support Colgate-Palmolive China.  

"Thank you for your recognition! Safety is at the core of what we do and we will continue to strive to provide high-quality, efficient and safe supply chain services to support our customers and play our part to keep our surrounding communities safe", says Mr Denny min, VP of South China regional operations. 

Well done to Mr Min Huidong, Head of Toll’s Guangzhou Distribution Centre, Mr Li Zhenqiang, our Co-packaging project lead, and their teams for maintaining a safe operation so that our employees can come to work and go home safely every day.