TGL Thailand Safety Day

Why safety is the first priority at Toll Global Logistics Thailand

At Toll, making sure everyone gets home safely is  ingrained into our daily operations. We believe that all injuries are preventable and everyone has the right to go home safely.

This belief forms the framework to the way we do business, from working with customers and our site operations, through to the health and safety of our people and the communities we work in.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our commitment to safety is reaffirmed every day through programmes of continuous improvement, ongoing staff training, consistent safety testing, and through encouraging our employees to Think Safe Act Safe Be Safe.

As part of our safety programme, we also run events with our employees, where time is spent to highlight safety at all levels of our operations – from workplace safety through to safe driving to help disseminate the safety message and to award outstanding safety leadership.

Speaking recently at a Thailand safety day, Porntiwa Chachai, Safety Manager, Toll Global Logistics Thailand, said: “The most important thing to do is encourage our people to work safely and look after each other. When our new team members know it’s important and in their own interest, they comply willingly. As such, Toll’s activities focus on employee involvement and fostering an understanding of why we’re so strict about safety at work.”

“Although safety has greatly improved, there are still many other improvements that need to be made. Our aim is to reduce the number of work accidents and injuries to zero,” Ms Chachai said.

While safety days are made fun through games, competitions and demonstrations, the underlying message is clear – safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Dean Jones, Country Manager, Toll Global Logistics Thailand, outlined Toll’s corporate culture. “Toll is well aware that the organisation’s success hinges on good quality employees, so we focus on developing the organisation and environment to facilitate the work of our employees,” he said.

“We are focusing on building a corporate culture in which all employees are involved, have the opportunity to contribute creatively and are ready to improve themselves in line with the growth of the organisation. Safety at work is a basic right that all employees should have, and it’s Toll’s top priority.”

By valuing employee safety, the company also hopes to demonstrate a core belief that people perform best when they are empowered, accountable and recognised.

“Paying close attention to employee safety shows how important our employees are to us. For us, our employees aren’t just machines. They are a part of the company that we’re ready to develop so that they can progress in line with the company. This concept is what makes Toll a great company, and is what is driving our recent sustainable growth in Thailand,” explained Mr Jones.


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