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Meet Ray, one of Toll's 2018 Graduates

Toll's Global Graduate Program - industry exposure that can’t be gained in a classroom

Meet Ray Li, one of Toll's 2018 Graduates. Ray is one of the only Grads that has come through the program with a degree in Supply Chain Management. He believes that the Grad program has been the perfect opportunity to put his schooling to the test. Read about Ray's first two rotations at Toll.

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After graduating from university, I was in the same position as thousands of other supply chain management graduates desperately hoping to enter the fast growing and competitive logistics industry. My degree effectively developed my academic capability and educated me about theories in various areas of operations, supply chain management, warehousing and procurement. However, I lacked real life application practice and industry experience. The Toll graduate program was the perfect answer to my situation as the diverse global logistics network provided me with opportunities to apply academic skills to real life business cases and gain valuable work experience.

My degree in supply chain management and transport logistics has prepared me well with the necessary knowledge for my first rotation at Toll Global Express Services. My key project was representing the Toll Team as a third party logistics provider for The Australian Electoral Commission. Our goal was to supervise and schedule the logistics movement of ballot freight and equipment being delivered nationwide for the election. Working side by side with the Operations Manager, Techserv technicians and a fellow graduate, I was assigned to plan and design methods to transport the freight efficiently and effectively.

Working as a team, we recorded new data and used the historical data available for further research. I used the forecasting methods and distribution theories that I learned from my studies to successfully develop the transport manifest and forecasting report for inventory control. In the end, the Toll team successfully determined the storage space required at each state and forecasted the number of trucks necessary for the project.   

My knowledge and capability was truly tested in my second rotation at Toll in a Global Logistics Industrial site as a Fleet Controller. I had the responsibility of planning and dispatching the logistics schedule for our road and rail fleet efficiently. Monitoring the daily deliveries and planning the most ideal route was rather challenging as I had to adjust the schedule based on the daily traffic conditions and rail timetable. By the end of the rotation, I was trusted to handle the full rail fleet moving up to 40 containers in and out of the Melbourne Rail Terminal on a daily basis. With the support and guidance from my senior colleagues, I was able to excel in the operations team while completing tasks outside my comfort zone.

Since joining the graduate program, I have gained knowledge and industry exposure that can’t be gained in a classroom. My experience so far has taught me that my supply chain management degree only covers the tip of the ice berg in this fast-paced logistics industry. My rotations throughout this graduate program have given me a wealth of experience way beyond my expectations and I can’t wait to further develop my career at Toll Group.


Ray Li– RMIT Bachelor of Business – Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Melbourne