Alysha Ali, 2018 Toll Graduate

Toll's Global Graduate Program - exciting opportunities in New Zealand

Alysha Ali is one of Toll's 2018 Graduate's who is currently located in New Zealand. Alysha studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law. Alysha shares her experienced from her first six months with the business, she says it has held many exciting experiences and opportunities.

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My first six months at Toll have allowed me countless interesting and exciting opportunities.

I have been in rides in several vans and truck and trailers, assisting some of our hardest working employees (our drivers) on their runs. I have also been lucky to work with the team along side one of New Zealand’s largest companies, who also happen to be Toll’s largest customer in New Zealand. Here I have performed the tasks of a Customer Service Representative and a Fleet Co-ordinator, all while working alongside the customer in their offices and at the peak of the most busy period of the year. I have also had the pleasure of meeting several senior members of staff, including Toll’s managing Director Michael Byrne.

One of the most exciting experiences I have had so far has been the opportunity to act as a Fleet co-ordinator for one of our customers. This role meant that I was going to have some alternating shifts, working both a morning 6am -2pm shift for a couple weeks followed by a 2pm-10pm shift. The varying shifts was a challenging concept but in the long run, the shifts were significantly different and gave me a great insight of the roles and challenges that you can face at all times of the day in logistics.

Being a fleet co-ordinator gave me a whole new appreciation for the movement of freight in logistics. The role was challenging and required a lucrative amount of planning but also adapting to ad-hoc obstacles that would come up (when they say no two days are ever the same in logistics, they definitely mean it). But with these obstacles came the incredibly rewarding feeling of accomplishment when a solution was found, and when a solution wasn’t found a huge learning experience for the future. The role also allowed me to build relationships and network with other staff at our various branches across New Zealand, which have and will become fundamental connections for my career with Toll.

By the end of my rotation I felt confident in myself and my abilities, able to run full days by myself and building connections with the staff at the branch and also the drivers.

When initially applying for a graduate role, I was interested in a position that was going to take me out of my comfort zone and challenge me into adapting my thinking and becoming more flexible. Luckily, I found Toll and have been able to be placed into situations that have done things for me and provided me substantial growth, all while allowing me to try new things that I didn’t possibly think I would.


Alysha Ali – 2018 Graduate

The University of Auckland, Bachelor of Commerce – Major in Accounting and Commercial Law