Daniel, 2018 Graduate works out of Toll customer DC

Toll's Global Graduate Program - exceptional operational experiences

Daniel Mancinelli is one of Toll's 2018 Graduate's - he studied a Bachelor of Business and Education at LaTrobe University. Daniel shares his experiences working out of one of Toll's largest customers DC sites.

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Have you ever wondered how the items you purchase from stores make their way from the ports to the shelf? It’s actually quite an interesting process, and one I have been fortunate enough to have experienced during my rotation in a Distribution Centre (D.C.) rotation, one of Toll’s Global Logistics sites.

The site I was located at is the largest and most productive of its kind for the company across Australia and New Zealand, covering a whopping 75,000m2 radius. The site consists of a state of the art sortation machine, 23,000 racking locations, and the ability to distribute 28million cartons to stores per year. However, it wasn’t just the impressive 24/7 site itself that made this rotation a valuable experience, but the operational opportunities I was exposed to during my time there by Toll staff and management.

Servicing Victoria, South Australia, Lower New South Wales, and both New Zealand islands, I realised very early on that this experience would be a great foundation to build my logistics career on. Toll has built a strong partnership with the customer that has stood tall for over 7 years. With that, comes a lot of experience and recognition from management of the importance of developing future company, and industry leaders. From the beginning of my rotation, I was heavily involved in the operational proceedings of the site. This involved participating and actively engaging in managerial meetings and business decisions, to understanding and carrying out newly implemented processes on the warehouse floor. It was the perfect combination to give me real industry experience to help progress my career.

Another important aspect this rotation offered my early career development, was the opportunity to work side by side with one of Tolls key customers. The site is predominantly run by Toll with the addition of a small key customer team. Being able to work alongside them and study how a successful 3rd Party Logistics site successfully operates, gave me the opportunity to understand not only multiple business models, but key relationship building methods when working alongside another company with a shared goal.

The managerial team and staff on site were all resourceful and supportive towards Graduate projects targeting site improvement and encouraged learning development and growth. Toll management were informative, insightful, and provided me with valuable feedback that I am sure will assist my career progression. It was the ideal way to begin my career, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

Daniel Mancinelli - 2018 Graduate

Studied a Bachelor of Business and Education at LaTrobe University