Justin, Toll Graduate in Singapore

Toll's Global Graduate Program - Energy and Marine rotation

Justin Mai, one of our Graduates based in Singapore talks about his first eight months as a grad. Justin recaps his experiences working in our Energy and Marine sector as well as his Healthcare rotation.

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In a blink of an eye, it has been close to eight months since I started the graduate program at Toll and I have to say it has been a great learning experience, with countless exciting opportunities.

The program commenced with a three day course with activities - helping us break the ice with other graduates, as well as to understand more about our own personality and working styles. The following two days we learnt about the diversity of businesses that Toll undertakes and had sessions with senior management, where they shared valuable insights. I knew straight away that Toll has put great thought and effort into the program and I was glad to start my logistics career with Toll.

My first rotation at Energy & Marine was an eye-opener where I saw and experienced many things which I have not even heard of before. At the feeder business where we operate Roro vessels between Singapore and Batam, I got a tour of the vessel bridge and the chance to travel with the sales team to Batam to meet clients and understand their constraints and problems faced.

I saw how the sales team’s close working relationship with the clients created a trustworthy partnership between Toll and the clients and because of this, they have entrusted Toll to fully plan and execute the distribution for their business. Back in Singapore, the customer relations team was quick to solve any issues arising from customs to ensure smooth operations for the clients. From this, I understood and saw synergy between Toll and customers to ensure success and how working towards a shared goal was crucial.

Later at Toll offshore base at Loyang, I had opportunities to get my hands dirty, pulling mooring ropes, participating in tenders and planning vessel berthing just to name a few. My team and I even got praised by a client for executing a job safely and in half the expected time. I also saw how the offshore base maintained revenue in an economy of falling oil prices. Overall, it was a great first rotation.

The next rotation was at the Healthcare facility which comprises of smart storage solutions, high-tech machines and fully automated Manual Handling Equipment (MHEs) which will begin operations this year. However, what’s more impressive is the people that I work with are people who are passionate about their jobs.

With clients such as government agencies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, certifications such as TAPA, STP PLUS, ISO13485, GDP and GMP meant that the warehouse had many strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and sets the highest standards in terms of operational excellence. This stint had a structured inter-department rotation which gave me the opportunities to try out and understand different functions on how the business operates. With a focus on operations; I followed drivers to set up mobile blood donation drives, do QC checks, stock picking and route planning just to name a few. I had regular meetings with my vertical head, General Managers and Business Development team to understand and give suggestions about our future business goals and discuss about the ideas and points of improvements. 

A few of my Continuous Improvement suggestions are already in place and it is good that management makes decisions quickly and gives full support and guidance throughout the implementation phase. This gave me an understanding of real industry experience and how to manage my time and the team.

To sum up, the people I worked with were very helpful in my rotations. The management team gave me opportunities to lead projects and provided me with guidance and valuable advice which will assist in my career development and growth. The program also provided me with hands-on experience to develop myself into a future operations leader. I am looking forward to what the future holds!


Justin Mai, studied at Royal Holloway, University of London completing a Bachelor of Science in Management with Marketing