RAAF assist Toll in North Queensland Floods

Toll, RAAF and Supermarket Retailers Woolworths and Coles, deliver goods to affected areas in North Queensland Floods

Toll is mobilising all available options to support the delivery of essential food and household items to residents in North Queensland impacted by flooding.

The conditions in North Queensland are said to be a one in a hundred year event - flooding and monsoonal rain have cut off areas of the state, making it almost impossible to access via road or rail.

Toll is working with supermarket retailers Woolworths and Coles to assist with delivering essential freight to affected areas. To mark a first for Toll, we will be working alongside the RAAF, using their C-17 military aircraft to support these deliveries for our customers. Goods were delivered to Amberley Air Force Base, and airlifted by the RAAF to Townsville Air Force Base, and met on arrival by our trucks to supply local supermarket stores.

Toll assisting QLD floods

We are also hearing promising news of land access returning to North Queensland. Approximately 400t of essentials will be transported by Toll under special emergency permit with police escort. The freight will be moved from Mackay and Bowen through to Townsville and Cairns. An urgent assessment of bridge and road infrastructure was conducted to ensure the safe passage of the convoy of 10 road trains on the revised routes.

Noel Prosser, Toll Group, General Manager Aviation & Air Express, said “the team have done an amazing job to assist our customers at short notice, ensuring we were able to move freight into the impacted areas. We will continue to assist throughout the week, to ensure goods reach the communities affected.”

The RAAF operation on Tuesday night would not have been possible without the extraordinary help of the Australian Government, providing a C-17 to support our partners,” he said.

We continue to monitor the situation closely, working in partnership with our customers, government and emergency services to ensure the provision of essential supplies to affected communities.