The Toll China – Minhang team was recently awarded Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J’s) 2019 Best Supporting Supplier and Key Continuous Improvement Partner awards for continuous improvement of processes and maintaining an exemplary facility. 

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of the Toll’s global supply chain network. We are pleased to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers and partners who are as passionate about continuous improvement as we are. 

In the past year, the team at Toll’s Minhang facility worked closely with our customer and delivered three continuous improvement projects that brought significant savings to both Toll and J&J. With a structured plan to reserve and relocate pallet positions, as well as an improved transportation plan to provide J&J’s goods faster and more efficiently, J&J was able to better respond to peak storage needs, improve quality assurance levels and achieve the continuous improvement targets set out for 2019.  The team achieved this without any major safety incidents. With that, the Toll team surpassed expectations and gained the recognition of our customer. 

“We’re proud to have been recognised for our work and pleased that our initiatives delivered real value to J&J. We look forward to working closer with our customer and delivering even better results in the year ahead! Go team!” said Mr. Qiang Li, Toll’s Operations Manager at the Minhang Distribution Centre. 


From left to right: Best Supporting Supplier in 2019 award, Key Continuous Improvement Partner in 2019 award, photo of our exemplary storage in the Minhang warehouse.