Toll City LEED accreditation

Toll City earns Gold accreditation for sustainability achievement

Toll City, our next-generation warehouse facility in Singapore, has been officially recognised for its commitment to environmental sustainability, receiving Gold Certification in Leadership and Environmental Design (LEED).

LEED, an internationally recognised green rating system, is awarded to buildings that have been designed and built against set environmental standards, encouraging the construction of energy- and resource-efficient buildings that are healthy to live and work in.    

Toll City is one of 15 buildings within Singapore to achieve Gold Certification, the third-highest tier of certification based on a points system.

Marc Baumback, Program Director for Toll City, says sustainability in the planning and construction of the warehouse was a priority from the get-go.

“From the onset, we set out to define new standards of safety and, in parallel, act on our Toll values to create a lasting and sustainable legacy in the communities we live and operate in,” he says.

“We explored energy consumption and the manner in which materials have a negative effect on the environment with some vigour and were able to select a range of options that were affordable, practical and delivered tangible reductions in the impact on the environment.

“Those options included motion sensor LED lighting, practical use of recycled materials during base construction, rainwater harvesting and materials that either had inherent insulation properties or did not have excessive consumption of raw materials in their manufacture or that required materially less upkeep. We thought through how we designed and operated within the facility so as to reduce administrative movement, the amount of spend on maintenance, painting and the solvents used in such activities.

“Ultimately, it was about ‘doing the right thing’ because we care. It’s a terrific targeted accreditation to achieve, and one of many that continually sees Toll City highly rated for its design and construction; and increasingly now for its operation by our Singapore team.”