Our Toll Technology Centre team in India recently raised and donated funds to Niwara Balgram, a charity venture that supports approximately 70 children from remote areas in and around Maharashtra a state in the western peninsular region of India.

The donation enabled the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) to purchase 8711 sqft of farmland on which to grow vegetables, grains and fruit to support the daily needs of the children within Niwara Balgram’s care.

“We are glad that we could reach out and help our community during this difficult time, when the price of food and commodities is skyrocketing. We believe that no matter how many challenges we face, there is always something we can do to help others”, said Jayanti Phadke, Head HR – ITS & TTC. 

About Niwara Balgram 

Niwara Balgram is an NGO founded by Advocate Arun Jadhav, a native from Jamkhed (Ahmednagar). The venture supports less fortunate people, mainly children from remote areas in and around Maharashtra, India. Presently the organization provides meals and accommodation for 70 children as well as temporary accommodation for women fleeing domestic abuse. 

Toll has been providing ongoing support to Niwara Balgram since 2019, raising funds through various means to provide for the needs of the children they care for. Last year, during the Diwali festival, the Toll Technology Centre team set up food stalls to help raise the funds.