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Supporting Chevron Australia oil and gas operations in the West

The beginning of 2016 saw the commencement of three new logistics contracts to support Chevron Australia’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) and crude oil operations in Western Australia.

Toll Energy has supported the Chevron-operated Gorgon project since 2009; managing the supply base on Barrow Island, and providing marine freight services between the island and the mainland. The scope has now been broadened to include reverse logistics, material operations and additional operational shore base services.

The new contracts have seen Toll Energy take over the management and operation of Chevron’s distribution centres in Perth, Karratha and Onslow, the Wheatstone project’s operational warehouse in Ashburton, and two additional facilities on Barrow Island for both Gorgon and WA Oil operations.

As well as facilities management and warehousing services, Toll Energy is now responsible for the provision of labour, equipment, quarantine services, maintenance and ad hoc procurement to support Chevron’s major facilities, which operate on a continuous 24/7 production schedule.

Additionally, state of the art landing craft tank (LCT) vessels – designed and constructed by Toll Energy – which entered into service in 2015, are now operating between Barrow Island and Dampier.

Toll Resources & Government Logistics CEO, David Jackson, said that the vessels will play a critical role in supporting operations on Barrow Island.

“These landing craft tank vessels reflect the strength of Toll’s marine engineering capabilities – they excel in shallow water manoeuvrability and beach roll-on roll-off cargo operations, making them an ideal fit to service a location like Barrow Island,” Mr Jackson said.

“Not only are these vessels the safest and most efficient of their kind in the industry, they’ve also been designed to be environmentally friendly – a particularly important consideration for Barrow Island which is a Class A nature reserve.”

In addition to the vessels and ongoing logistics support provided by Toll Energy, Toll Marine Logistics has been engaged to provide a larger vessel to manage the logistics freight demand between Barrow Island and Fremantle.

General Manager of Toll Energy & Toll Marine Logistics, Scott Woodward, said that Toll’s experience operating on Barrow Island coupled with the strength of our quarantine management capabilities has been valuable.

“We were able to offer a competitive solution leveraging our high safety and operational performance, and our proven ability to deliver projects on time,” said Mr Woodward.

“Toll’s ability to offer niche services like marine engineering, quarantine management and environmental management alongside core logistics services to support our customers’ operations in key locations allows us to play an integral role in the resource sector in Australia”.


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