One of our Toll Graduates talks his experiences at the Toll Air Ambulance Base

Graduate experiences three months at Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Base

Jarryd Minton studied a Bachelor of Economics (Finance and Economics) at the University of Sydney, and is now a Graduate at Toll, working at Toll Global Logistics.  He has spent 3 months at the Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Base at Bankstown Airport.

The site operates 24 hours, 365 days a year, providing Aeromedical Rescue Helicopter services to the communities of NSW and ACT. With eight AW139 Helicopters, four active bases, Pilots, Aircrew, Paramedics, and Doctors, the service is tasked with over 2800+ missions each year, from water rescues to motor related accidents, Newborn and Paediatric services to Australian Maritime Search and Rescues.  

Below is a day in the life – however the spontaneity of the business causes timings and work flow to fluctuate significantly.



I arrive on site for the operations handover meeting. 0730-1930, 19:30-0730 are the two daily shifts so there is an operations handover brief daily at 0800 and 2000 – this covers all things from crewing and weather, safety and any significant events.

This brief is critical in enabling a timely response to missions tasked, as it provides the crew with all relevant information for the day ahead.


I move into the operations cell where I have my desk, settle in for the day, checking emails.


By 0930 the previous day’s mission logs are all received and I get stuck into them. These flight logs include all relevant information including routes, timings, passengers, crew, weights, fuel consumption/requirements. These are critical in managing the operation, as it communicates with a number of systems, vital to the business, including safety, and aircraft maintenance.

Toll Air Ambulance


Next I get working on my first project on site – the analysis of engineering workloads, efficiencies, and future requirements, in conjunction with current aircraft usage hours and impending maintenance requirements.  I created a customised graphic dashboard which is accessible to the engineering team and sets out their task requirements and estimated additional task requirements in comparison to their available hours.




After lunch I work on my second site project – analysis, and initiation of a new Hazardous Chemicals register. This will allow us to track and manage the expiration of Safety Data Sheet to risk assess each of our hazardous chemicals, as outlined in standard operating procedures. This also requires the existing documented procedures to be updated.  Additionally, a series of risk assessments on identified Hazards are to be completed, the standard operating procedure reviewed and then amended to support the new processes.


I spend the final few hours of my day shadowing/assisting staff from all facets of the business. I have spent time with the life support fitter, the chief engineer, pilots, crew, operations manager, finance team, and equipment managers. This has given me a significant insight into the business and a greater understanding of the respective functions.


My time at Toll Helicopters has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences to date. I have had the opportunity to experience the training first hand that the crew participate in, undertaking the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET).  I feel very fortunate to have been exposed to the processes, leadership and management expertise of such a highly specialised service.