Final AW139 helicopter lands

The eighth helicopter making up the full complement of the Southern NSW Aeromedical fleet has landed at Bankstown Airport, Sydney, NSW.

Each helicopter, designed and built in Italy, features twin 1800 horsepower engines and is constructed from specialised components manufactured across the world. The fleet features the best in class medical equipment fit out required for rapid and critical patient care and search and rescue missions.

The AW139 was chosen as the preferred aircraft to service the NSW Ambulance and ACT Ambulance contract in Southern NSW due to its exceptional performance and safety features. The fleet will commence operations in January 2017.

In 2014, Toll was awarded the contract to provide an aeromedical emergency response service for NSW and the ACT by the NSW Health Administration Corporation.

The contract included the delivery of eight purpose-built AW139 helicopter fleet and the building and operation of the ACE Training Centre.

Learn more about  the ACE Training Centre.


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