Tasmanian Achiever II

Design of Toll’s Tasmanian Achiever II and Victorian Reliance II wins prestigious industry award

Toll’s new Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) cargo ship, Tasmanian Achiever II, has won the 2018 Shippax RoRo Technology award on 13 March, 2019. The award was announced at the 2019 Shippax Ferry Conference, held on board SILJA SERENADE, sailing between Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm from 12 - 14 March.

The announcement of the award comes within weeks of Tasmanian Achiever II and her identical sister ship, Victorian Reliance II, commencing operations in servicing the Bass Strait trade at the beginning of March, 2019.

The Shippax RoRo Technology award was presented to the ships’ naval architects, Sea Highways Ltd, and Naos Ship and Boat Design.

The award recognises that Tasmanian Achiever II and Victorian Reliance II are the largest RoRos ever used for domestic trade outside of Europe and the United States and have the largest reefer capacity of any short-sea RoRo vessel.

Shippax Award to Tasmanian Achiever II

Toll’s two new 700 TEU ships were built by CSC Jinling Shipyard. They measure 210 metres in length, have 3,500 metres of lane traffic, 260 reefer points on power at any time and the capacity to carry an additional 40 per cent in trailers, containers and refrigerated goods than the ships previously in service for Toll. Purpose-built for the Bass Strait trade, the ships have three decks, a car tween deck, wide fixed ramps to upper and cellar decks and enhanced technology for environmental management, ship navigation and crew safety.

The 2018 Shippax RoRo Technology award specifically highlighted the following technical innovations:

  • New RoRo deck water mist firefighting solutions. Nozzles are positioned to reflect the real cargo stowage pattern rather than the minimum nozzle spacing and supplementary nozzles are located at a low level along the deck sides to reach vulnerable areas underneath trailers.
  • The solution adopted to incorporate 9-cylinder two-stroke engines, avoiding the need for large casings on the main deck and giving obstruction free access to the RoRo decks via wide, fixed ramps.
  • Permanent magnet shaft generators which provide economic power over a wide range of engine rpm.
  • Hybrid in-line scrubbers which use magnesium oxide rather than caustic soda for enhanced crew safety.

The Shippax Awards, launched in 1999 as a means of stimulating innovation, promote noteworthy design features on newly delivered ferries, RoRo and cruise vessels. The awards are assessed by a jury of representatives that have sound expertise in the latest ship and industry trends and are regarded as the most prestigious trade award in the combined ferry, RoRo and cruise industry.