Toll partners with Driver Reviver to put a stop to driver fatigue

Driver Reviver, Australia’s iconic road safety initiative, welcomes Toll Group as its major sponsor, with a shared goal of reducing the number of fatalities on the road due to fatigue.

In NSW, around 20 per cent of fatal road accidents involve driver fatigue. This year, there have been 63 fatigue related fatalities, up by 62 per cent on the same period last year1

Driver Reviver is a national community program that has been operating on roads around Australia for 26 years, dedicated to reducing fatigue and promoting safe driving behaviours, by encouraging motorists to take regular breaks on their journey by visiting Driver Reviver sites.  Sites are staffed by volunteers committed to supporting drivers and their families to arrive at their destinations safely.

Brian Kruger, Managing Director, Toll Group, said “Toll is proud to be the national partner of the Driver Reviver program. At Toll, we strongly believe that all injuries are preventable and everyone has the right to get home safely – and the Driver Reviver program is strongly aligned to these values.”

“With the long weekend ahead, it’s critical for road users to understand the dangers of driving while fatigued, as driving tired can be as dangerous as driving intoxicated.” 

“At Toll, our professional drivers spend more time on Australian roads than anyone else and we are acutely aware of the role fatigue plays in road safety. It’s critical for government, for businesses and the wider community to work together to raise awareness of safety on our roads,” Mr Kruger said.

The NSW Government is also strongly behind the initiative, working to address fatigue-related fatalities, working closely with NSW police. 

“Some drivers believe it’s acceptable to do unsafe things such as driving while tired, speeding, or not wearing a seatbelt. We’re reinforcing the message that everyone has a role to play in making the roads a safer place for all,” said The Hon. Duncan Gay, NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight.

“Toll Driver Reviver is a great initiative that the NSW government is proud to be supporting. You might be a good driver, but your tired self isn’t. We urge motorists to take advantage of Driver Reviver sites whether it’s a short or a long trip, you need to consider how tired you are any time you drive.”

“Driver Reviver is powered by our volunteers, and this partnership with Toll will enable us to continue to provide the public with a free national service whilst demonstrating the need for greater shared responsibility amongst road users,” said Allan McCormac, National Director, Toll Driver Reviver.  

Toll Driver Reviver is striving to drive awareness around the small steps that motorists can take to make the road a safer place. “Toll’s drivers know that planning to take regular rest breaks, ensuring you get a good nights’ sleep and arranging to share the driving – can all make a big difference to your safety and the safety of others on the road around you,” Mr Kruger concluded.

Driver Reviver volunteers come from a wide range of organisations including Lions Clubs, the SES, Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) and the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

For more information about Toll Driver Reviver and operating sites, please visit:  or

1Transport for NSW, NSW Centre for Road Safety, 2016

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