Driver Reviver and Toll warn against fatigue this long weekend

Driver Reviver and Toll warn against fatigue this long weekend

Driver Reviver volunteers and Toll representatives met with Victoria Police today in Marong, Victoria to urge drivers to take a break on the road over the long weekend.

Toll delivered cups and supplies to the members of the Victorian SES and Lions Club community volunteers who will staff the Driver Reviver site in Marong, near Bendigo, over the weekend.

Marong is one of more than 100 Driver Reviver sites around Australia receiving supplies from Toll for the long weekend. Drivers and their families are invited to stop and take a rest to break up their journeys, and enjoy a free cup of Bushells coffee or tea and an Arnott’s biscuit.

Toll spokesperson Royce Christie said that Toll’s involvement with Driver Reviver is reflective of the strong alignment between Driver Reviver’s road safety messages and Toll’s own rules and regulations relating to fatigue.

“Toll drivers spend more time on Australian roads than anyone else and we are acutely aware of the role fatigue plays in road safety. We deal with this every day, so it’s important to us that we help Driver Reviver volunteers spread the message; fatigue on the roads can be fatal,” Mr. Christie said.

“We are delivering cups and supplies to sites across the country, and we urge drivers to take a break and have that coffee or tea to recharge their batteries – just as all of our drivers take scheduled breaks in their days.”

Driver Reviver has been in operation for more than 30 years and aims to reduce the risk fatigued drivers pose on the roads, particular during peak holiday periods when more people tend to take longer drives. This long weekend, more than 100 sites across the country will be in operation reminding drivers to put safety first and take a break.

Marong site manager Bob Haigh, who has been serving coffees at the site for more than 20 years, said his volunteers gladly give up their time to help promote safety.

“The local SES and Lions Club join forces at Marong, not only to spread a community message that we all feel passionate about, but to meet and talk to people about their travels through the region,” said Mr. Haigh.

“The same would be happening right across Australia at all the sites, people coming together in support of a common cause – road safety.”

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