What others thought impossible, we managed to deliver: urgent freight forwarding from the UK to USA in under 24 hours.

The Challenge

A survey ship vessel operator in Houston, USA, required an urgent carton containing emergency spares to be collected from Newcastle, UK, and delivered to a port in Alabama, USA on the following day. Without these breakdown parts, the survey ship would not be able to sail.

The Solution

Toll staff had the package collected from Newcastle within the hour by a hot shot driver. A specialist on-board courier travelled to Heathrow to receive the package. Toll then flew the on-board courier and package out to Atlanta the next morning.

Our team arranged for a passenger and baggage ramp transfer from the Atlanta flight. The courier was met by a taxi upon arrival and the spares were hand-delivered to the Chief Maintenance Engineer by the afternoon, that day.

The Result

The delivery of the urgent carton of spare parts from Newcastle, UK, to Alabama, USA took place within 24 hours.

The Second Challenge

A supplier in Aberdeen had three reels of cable weighing 1500kgs which were required in Boston, USA, on the following day. The client had contacted their usual freight forwarder who had informed them that this was not possible.

The Solution

Within 30 minutes, Toll had the cargo loaded on board a vehicle destined for Heathrow. We arranged extended close out with the airline to ensure the cargo flew on the early morning flight to Boston. The export airfreight documents were scanned to the Toll brokerage team in the USA who had the shipment pre-cleared. Effectively, this meant that the shipment had cleared US Customs the moment it touched down at the airport.

The Result

The consignment was safely delivered to the consignee in Rhode Island, USA in less than 24 hours.

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